asus rt ax86u

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  1. Don Draper

    DNS Director Not Working

    New RT-AX86U Pro Current Version : 3004.388.4 DNS Director set to QUAD9 Run a dns test on connected devices and receive ISP's DNS.
  2. Olndo Pindaro

    Why so narrow band in 5ghz?

    This is the 5ghz panel of my rt-ax68S router I cannot adjust Extension channel (i can set only auto) this is capture of wifi analizer why eternal ssid is so narrow? is a problem or is normal? thanks Olindo
  3. G

    ASUS Merlin 388.2.2 Authentication Error / Timeout Issue

    Hi there, I have a reoccurring issue where my Open VPN to US server for my Smart TV using VPN director drops out due to an authentication error. DNS config set to exclusive. Strangely enough my Open VPN for all other devices to an Australian server doesn't have this issue. DNs config set to...
  4. G

    How to VPN Direct Smart TV to Different VPN Tunnel to Rest of Devices

    Hi all, I have an ASUS RT-AX86U on Merlin firmware version 3.88.2, using Nord VPN. My setup is: 1) ASUS Router as main gateway, with WIFI off 2) Access Point TP-Link Deco X20 Router wired to ASUS Router which provides mesh WIFI (Intent is to have this on VPN tunnel on Australian server) 3)...
  5. B

    Asus RT-AC86u AC2900 Router Same firmware but different numbers

    Hey all, I tried my best to search this but didn’t have any luck finding answers. I don’t even know if the title is correct… Does anyone know why they both have different ‘Firmware version’ numbers, first router 16_0 and the second 384_82072? Is it just like serial numbers but for firmware...
  6. neemasa

    My country censors the internet; Does a VPN client work well on dual wan setup?

    Hi My knowledge of networking is limited. I apologize if my questions sound immature. About four months ago, I bought an RT-AX88U, and I love this router. It's easy to set up and works reliably. I live in Iran, and the internet censorship is horrible here. Because of that, we use VPN. I have...
  7. Mogsy

    Trying to understand this PTR recorf

    Hello, New here and been helping a friend setting up AX86U. Just curious about this ptr. I know Apple devices do this but never seen this subnet/reverse subnet tho. Only my iPhone making this query. Seeing logs on my NextDNS configuration page. Can someone help me understand what this is...
  8. A

    AX86U, Kindle won't connect to 2.4GHz/WPA2.

    I've just purchased the AX86U to replace my 68U which has served me well for many years, but I'm struggling to get my Kindle (7th gen) and Sony Android TV to connect to the 2.4GHz channel using WPA2. 2.4/WPA2 is working on an older iPad, a low end Galaxy and my laptop but I can't seem to get the...
  9. M

    AX86U, enable MU-MIMO?

    Hey guys, just replaced a Linksys EA9300 with an AX86U. Trying to find the best way to optimize this as I'm not really seeing that much performance difference than the 9300. I installed the latest Merlin firmware. Trying to figure out what other settings I should change. Do I enable...
  10. P

    Creating Guest network in Aimesh for RT-AX86U

    Posting here for a first time, any help would be appreciated! I just purchased Asus RT-AX86U, two of them so I can create AiMesh network. I'd have to say I'm loving this router so far. upgrading from Linksys Velop AC6600 (3-pack). Question: they're all set up but I haven't create Guest Wifi...
  11. S

    RT AX86U router won't port forward off network

    I have my RT AX86U set up at my girlfriend's apartment and in the past have set it up to port forward ssh on my raspberry pi. I've been trying to debug this for awhile and have a DDNS set up so I can do `ssh -p 12345`, but if I'm off network I get a connection...
  12. D

    Brand new AX86U slow wired & wifi

    I finally decided to upgrade my 8-year-old Linksys (EA6700) router and grabbed an AX86U from BestBuy this past weekend specifically for the 2.5Gbps port. Upon setting it up, I immediately updated the firmware to I have the 1.2 Gbps plan with Xfinity/Comcast and an Arris...
  13. A

    Should I get the ASUS RT-AC86U or ASUS RT-AX86U

    hi there My first post go easy lol. Im have the ASUS RT68U and thinking of using that in a mesh and getting the ASUS RT-AC86U or ASUS RT-AX86U. I rather the AX buts it still $400 to buy. I can get the 86u for $200 and I dont have any wifi 6 routers. Is the ASUS RT-AC86U still relevant and...
  14. P

    AX86U performing worse than AX82U

    I did a test of the AX58U, AX82U, and AX86U. Out of the 3 I was most surprised at the AX86U results. It performed alright, but definitely not as good as the AX82U. Any ideas? The AX82U achieved 50 Mbps+ better than the AX86U. The AX86U should be better right? Thanks in advance!
  15. Z

    Solved Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly.

    After factory resting my asus ax86u I keep getting this message and flacky internet. I tried unseting and resetting the passthrough settings on my ATT BGW210 and it still not working correctly. also If I try to run amtm i get this which is how I found the issue NTP not ready, check that the...
  16. Z

    Solved swap corrupted? AX86u

    my swap is not being used at all and is causing mem usage to be 100% trying to do a swapoff gives swapoff -a swapoff: /tmp/mnt/SYSTEM/myswap.swp: Cannot allocate memory and trying to use the amtm utility doesn't seem to do anything it gives this on each run Swap file deleted...
  17. G

    Strange 5Ghz problem with RT-AX86U

    Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. I have a question, where I can't find the exact same problem as myself on the forum. I recently bought a RT-AX86U which was marvelous. But the past weekend, my girlfriend forgot to turn off the YouTube app on a Xiaomi TV Box, and YouTube (With...
  18. KingBravery

    Release ASUS RT-AX86U 30/12/2020

    I just found new released firmware update for RT-AX86U at Windows 7 section. LINK -
  19. B

    ASUS RT-AX86U and Gigafast

    I’ve recently bought an ax86u to replace the woeful Vodafone router on my 900 Gigafast package. However I was receiving roughly 600mbps wireless download speed using the Vodafone router and having switched to the ASUS router I’m now only receiving 150mbps download on wireless..! Any reason why...