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DNS not getting translated into IP, using PfSense

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New Around Here
Hi guys,
We are using PfSense. and are experiencing problems accessing our address blah.blah.blah from our local network.
It is however Working from Any Other Network…

IP is on Local Network, towards which the DNS is supposed to point.
The issue appears to be DNS not getting Resolved or Forwarded or something else, to IP which is on our Local Network.
Pings are going through nicely, as if everything was working properly…

Even crazy ideas are welcome at this point.

P.S. Atm the version of PfSense that we are using is a little bit outdated.
Thank you.
1. you should update pfSense to the latest version before you asked a question :)

2. DNS Resolved of DNS forwarded are services that cannot operate at the same time.

did you fallow DNS documentation to set it https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/services/dns/resolver-config.html and https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/services/dns/forwarder.html
Its not letting us update it atm.
Later on ill try a fresh install on a new machine, and to swap it out.

The main problem we are experiencing with it RN is:
  1. It recognizes DNS from outside our network properly.
    1.1 (i.e. we make a hotspot on mobile, hookup laptop, type DNS on a browser, everything works perfectly! coz we are accessing it from external network)

  2. But internally gets stuck within our network, and doesnt resolve DNS correctly. or maybe DNS is just a symptom, and not a cause?
    2.1. (hookup to local network, type DNS on a browser, displays “This site cant be reached” + timeout msg, and doesnt work
    2.2. hookup to local network, type Internal IP on a browser, displays default documentation page of the server its hosted on, and doesnt work,
    2.3. different attempt: hookup to local network, type Internal IP on a browser + add “/” + add student portal DNS address part, now it
    works, but just on student portal…)

Basically sums up to,

the Professors cant access their stuff from inside the school… But students at least can.
And everything works for everyone when outside of school LAN.
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