Solved DSL-AC68U running 384.17_0-gnuton1 AsusWRT-Merlin disconnections

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In Summary - After a relatively short exchange with ASUS Support they have told me to RMA the router with the company I bought it from. The replacement should be delivered tomorrow :)

In Detail (for those that are interested/it may help) - I responded by first questioning their suggestion that wireless interference would be causing the router to disconnect from my DSL line, or prevent the router recognising there was an RJ11 connection from the router to the telephone wall socket, and asked for an explanation as to why this might be.

Then I advised that at the weekend I implemented the changes they suggested by first factory re-setting the router, with the WPS button, and re-entered configuration details manually; changing the 2.4/5Ghz channels to (other) uncongested ones and the frequency for both to 20Mhz, providing pictures of the same.

I didn't have to wait long for a disconnection though with one on occuring Monday 30/11 @ 14:42 (see pastebin syslog) so I contacted my ISP, Zen Internet, and they said at the time of the disconnect there was a 'Lost Carrier' error which signifies a failure of AUTH (SYNC was not affected which would explain the screenshot above showing the router Disconnected but with the DSL Link Up). I related this and asked if the problem could be that the router performs a periodic AUTH and this is associated with the disconnections for some reason.

I also pointed out that there was little wireless activity in the syslog at the time the disconnection occured.

Once again, the way I needed to re-connect was a hard reset using the power button on the back of the router and I asked if there was anything else they would like me to try, possibly even using SSL to connect to the router via CLI.

The response I got was only the request to RMA and there were no answers to any of my questions...

Fingers crossed this is the resolution! I'll report back once it's been up and running for a while

Big Thanks to : @GNUton, @L&LD, @kernol and @ColinTaylor for providing me with sage advice as well as correcting my amtm trypo ;).
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As promised the new DSL-AC68U has been running on Asus F/W v3. for over 15 days without a disconnection; which I'd previously have expected to see at least one of in that time :)

Although I think that closes this discussion I'll configure to auto-reboot weekly and run it for another two or three weeks before I flash with the latest GNUton's Merlin build.

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