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Dual WAN and mesh Wifi - what's the best way to increase internet bandwidth and wifi coverage?

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Given your situation, just put in one AX class wireless router and let everyone know that the living room couch is the best spot for wireless ;-)
You can deal with the real situation over time.
point-to-point wireless

In some Asian cities the buildings are so close that one guy with a better router may be enough. 🤭


One can play local ISP for 5-6 families around in a place like this. It has a charm of its own though.
Thanks to @Tech9 for the super helpful description of Dual WAN.

I called the copper wire company today - they directed me to their 5G service. After some pushing, they admitted there was a 6mb copper wire service - but then checked and clarified it was only available for their standard definition pay tv service 😂

So I think this means either 5G or a creaky old DOCSIS system - most likely 5G then since I'm in an area with good coverage and close to several towers

I've ordered the ER 605 and step 1 will be to get this working with my current 5G WAN and wifi router

Step 2 will be to get a second connection (with a 14 day free trial period) and see how this goes

Step 3 will be to upgrade the wifi - will take @degrub's "sit on the couch" suggestion in the interim! I'll no doubt have plenty of questions about this in due course. Hopefully not too many about the Dual WAN.

Will report back and let you know how I go. Thanks so much for all of your help. Really appreciated.


if only!

In some Asian cities the buildings are so close that one guy with a better router may be enough. 🤭
FYI - I'm living in a big city Tokyo / Singapore style place, not really a jam packed village!
I can only add "catch the signal through the window". Find the spot your mobile Internet device works best. I personally would still prefer to avoid the Dual WAN complication and would just keep the better performing 5G device. For extended Wi-Fi coverage - perhaps some 2/3-pack "mesh" kit, whatever is available and popular around.

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