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Dynamic public IP question

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i recently switched ISP and noticed that when i reboot my router, the public IP is reassigned.

i have OpenVPN and used to use it with my old ISP public IP, worked fine to access my home network.

was reading about DNS and thinking i need to set it up in order to get OpenVPN to be able to connect to my home router even if the Public IP is reassigned.

know nothing about DNS but am willing to try it, can someone give a brief explanation ?

i use an RT-AX86U router and use OpenVPN server that’s available in the Merlin firmware.

thanks in advance for any help on this.
coming back with a few more questions ...

after enabling DDNS and registering a hostname, how do i go about using my OpenVPN server again ?
would i be able to just go back to the VPN section in the router and export the OVPN profile again ? not sure i understand if OpenVPN does or can work with DDNS enabled ?

following the instructions DDNS eventually leads me to another instruction to do this :

the router warns that Web Access from WAN is less secure than VPN, so I would prefer the VPN method to connect my devices to my router remotely. have been using OpenVPN client for a while on my devices and am conmortable with that and it's easy enough for my family to use where they can just turn on the connection from the OpenVPN app on thier respective devices.
nevermind my last post ... it looks like the OVPN profile export includes the dynamic DNS address that i setup in WAN-->DDNS. documentation online is somewhat poor, could not find mention that OpenVPN takes the DDNS into account when exporting the profile.

will reboot my router to force an IP address change and see if OpenVPN works

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