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Edimax WAP1750 & CAP1200 Pro APs review

Discussion in 'Wireless Article Discussions' started by digitalfreak, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. desperado836

    desperado836 Occasional Visitor

    Feb 23, 2015
    Central Virginia
    Be aware you are dealing with a n00b here and I can only explain the best way I know how. When I was running the NMS from the AP, I had to put in the MAC addresses of the APs of the managed group in manually, and there documentation tells you NOTHING about this, it was all trial-and-error for me, and for the APC500, it was automatically populated. As for the MAC addresses for 2.4/5GHz, I only use 5GHz for roaming as that is all I need, I only have a printer right now on 2.4GHz and just to lazy to finish pulling and terminating the cable. Another interesting thing (APC500) is that for the smart roaming, it populated the MAC addresses automatically as I said (managed group), but it uses the 2.4GHz MAC addresses, and not the 5GHz MAC addresses, weird, but it does work. The setup seems to work and work well, just some little quibbles of my own would like to see better implemented, like more granularity of power output for example, better documentation, etc. but overall I like it.

    I wish I could answer that but I do not know or even know how to test it, sorry.