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Email server (More software than hardware)

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I'm looking for a good home e-mail server software. I currently use Exchange 2007, which is an amazing product.. but a bit overkill for three/four e-mail clients (It's using 3.5Gb of Ram while doing /nothing/).

I'm looking for something that will run on windows if possible. I would like IMAP to be an option as well, as I use my iPhone for everything these days.

A mail portal isn't a big deal, I will more than likely use RoundCube either way, I just need a good backend.

My current exchange server sits on a retired ComPaq DL580 (G1!!) with 4x900 Mghz PIII Xeons, and 8Gb/RAM running windows 2003 enterprise (32 bit, as the processors don't support 64).

I would definitly like something that takes less "umph" to run, however simple to set up. If it needs to be Linux/Unix, I can run it inside VMWare server, but I haven't had much luck with others in that area. Keep in mind, I'm a major Linux noob in the area of email.

At this rate, I might just build a new (And MUCH quieter) system for my exhcange server. I'm just wanting to see what other people's thoughts are.
I'd be hesitant to run an email server from home. To combat spam sent from zombies, some products filter mail originating from dynamic IPs.

Have you considered using Google Apps? There's a lot less to tinker with (less fun), but it works.
You're either a very brave guy, or enjoy a challenge. :)

I'm with jdabbs. Life's too short to run your own mail server!
re: email server

I've got an email server running at home myself. I've actually got it installed on an old Compaq Presario desktop! I am using IPSwitch's iMail (not a Mac product) server for about 2 years now. Real easy to set up, allows web access, POP3, and IMAP access, and also allows multiple domains on a single IP (via virtual domains)

As for zombies, I have mine set to not act as an open relay, so it prevents emails being routed through me. It also has good logging settings so I can monitor all the traffic
I would have a hard time not recommending Google Apps. Considering how many clients you're running, there's not much that speaks against Google Apps.

You don't get to tinker as much, but for 3 or 4 clients, I would wonder how much you would really be tinkering. Top notch spam control, top notch... everything.

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