Entware Entware architecture?

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Does anyone have some resources they can share on the architecture of entware and how it integrates with the rest of the system? I’m having trouble finding a good write up so I’ll take whatever anyone’s got for me.

I’ve been working on porting nordvpn’s application over so i can run nordlynx. I’ve got the program running but I need to get the deamon going now and I’m trying not to break anything. The deamon runs from sbin and needs nordvpnd.socket and nordvpnd.service to run as system services.


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Which system?


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Which system?
Whoops that might be good info to provide.
I am using the ax88u on Merlin 384.19 and I’m pulling apart the arm64 Debian package. Just trying to figure out how to get the systemctl stuff to run because I don’t think Merlin handles that the same way.

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