Expand network to multiple outbuildings - Ubiquiti NanoStations?


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Good evening all,

I have multiple buildings on my property and would like to have them all networked. I currently have internet at my home which I share to one of my shops (~350') away over a weak AIMesh configuration between 2x ASUS AC86U routers. I want to build a better bridge between the units and came across the UI NanoStation 5AC Locos - https://store.ui.com/collections/wireless/products/nanostation-loco5ac?_pos=1&_sid=97f721c7c&_ss=r. These seem to be a better option vs changing out one of the external omni-directional antennas on each unit.

From my very limited knowledge it appears you can have 1 unit send to multiple units if they are are close to being in line with one another (see my terrible drawing below). Would this be a feasible setup? I envision having the units connected to wireless routers at each outbuilding. It seems like a relatively cheap way to reliably expand my network to these buildings without having to lay down wire and signal boosters. Thank you for your thoughts!




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I'm looking for it, but I can't find the link to the long range dLink (iirc) unit a friend uses on his property, with similar distance to yours between his home and his workshop and radio hut. Standby and I'll grab it from him when he's awake tomorrow...


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Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to look into this.

From my understanding, if I connect one of these to my home router on a LAN port and connect the second to building 1 on the WAN port, it should theoretically be nearly the same as running an ethernet cable between them so long as they have line of sight. I believe with minimal latency added (please correct me if I am wrong).

I am wondering if the scenario on the south side of the house will work, again connecting one of these stations to the home router via a LAN port and then having 2 routers within line of sight on buildings further away.

Is it OK to run 2 bridges off of one router? (One ptp, the other ptmp?)

Would I be better served with a different device on top of my house that broadcasted in multiple directions but still use 3 of these nanostation locos on the receiving buildings?

Thank you for any thoughts!


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If you want to do it once then use fiber.
Undoubtedly wise and I would be happiest down the road following this... For the time being, my goal was to not dig a trench or lay conduit etc. I've got my PTP bridge up and running between 2 of the 5AC locos, I'll work on the PtMP a bit later.

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