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Expand XT12 system with a node to get a network port in the garage

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I have a pair of Asus XT12 at home, now I need to expand with a node to get a network port in my garage. I am looking at a cheaper dual-band model and just want to check if this is ok or if it will create any bottlenecks in the system? Or should i buy a tri band router?

So the XT12 is connected with wirless backhaul. The new node will be connected to the XT12 node. I have no intention on using wifi on the new node, just need the ports in the garage.

Any suggestions on a good node for my needs?

What are those needs? (Mbps up/down speeds).
What you want is to run the garage node in "media bridge" mode, not as an AIMesh member, so that it doesn't broadcast an SSID or accept wireless clients. IME it doesn't have to be identical to the mesh units, so anything that's fast enough for your wired clients out there should be OK.
Thanks for the answers.

There is no need for any particular high Mbps speeds. It is fo connecting my battery to the eletrical grid, so the grid owner can use the battery to balance the grid, which i will get paid for.

So do you have a good tip on what node i should buy and run in media bidge?
I actually already have a Netgear EX8000 in the system as a extender, been thinking of exhangig this one to a Asus one as well. And I have my old Netgear R7000 is in a drawer at the moment, will google tomorrow if that one can be used as media bridge. Or maybe it is to old? Would feel better if it was a Asus so I could see it in the Asus app together with the XT12 though.
Given those requirements, the cheapest Asus device you can find will probably do fine.
Ok, so no need to go for AX, AC is fine? And dual-band instead of triband is ok if i understrand correct.
Yeah, I see no need for AX if you aren't very concerned about speed. And a media bridge is basically a wireless client so it's only going to use one radio anyway. Tri-band would be a complete waste.

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