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Extending existing AC86U mesh without breaking anything

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Hi, I've a 1 node mesh with ethernet backhaul between two AC86U's. After some messing with settings roughly this time last year, I have had completely trouble free interneting since.

We are doing a light house refurb and I'm going to put another node up in the to-be-converted attic. My questions are:

- To connect another node via ethernet, does the "new"backhaul to node 2 just come out of yellow ethernet port 2 on my main router?
- Is it likely that the new router is going to "play nice" with my existing set up if it's likely on a different firmware? I strongly believe i have such a resilient set up because ive frozen firmware versions on both boxes to . I presume it wouldnt be possible to get that exact firmware on a new box?

I would get a better router like RT-AX86U Pro and use the old routers as AiMesh nodes. RT-AC86U is End-Of-Life model now.
Oh interesting I didn't know you could mix and match models. Would that work ok you think?

And am I right on the ethernet? Directing the electrician on how many network ports to factor in what rooms so just want to get mesh wiring clear in my mind

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