Factory reset AC-68U via SSH

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New Around Here

So here's my question - can I initiate a factory reset on an Asus RT-AC68U running stock firmware via SSH?

Backstory ... I have a four node AIMesh home network. The primary router is a Merlin AC86U, then two XT8s running stock and then the 68U (which was born a TM-AC1900 but is now running stock Asus firmware). I know I'm evil for posting this question on this board because the specific question isn't about Merlin firmware and because it's about the TM-AC1900 (that's entered the witness protection program as the 68U). Anyway ... Last night after making a minor tweak to my primary Merlin router the thing went into a reboot loop from which there was no escape. I had to factory reset it and rebuild it and it seems to be working fine (although I feel like if I enable the 5g guest Wifi on profile one it'll reboot loop again but that's a hunch and a question for another post). Everything is almost back to normal except the 68U ... Obviously it's no longer joined to the whole home AIMesh network - but it thinks it is. It seems to be acting as a standalone access point for the moment - allowing connectivity to my network through it and I'm able to reach it via SSH (and the web but it obviously won't do anything because it's just a secondary node). It's in my garage attic which is hard to reach and it's cold outside. I'd rather sit here and ask y'all if there's a keyboard/SSH method for initiating the factory reset versus going up there to hold a darn button for 10 seconds. So that's my dilemma.

All routers were upgraded to their most current firmware about two weeks ago (or before) when Merlin released 386.1_2 (even the ones running Asus stock).


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