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Faster syncing ntp on router

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When I restart my router, why does it take so long to sync ntp?
During startup, I see in syslog "Waiting for ntp to sync" several times/lines, before the message "time disparity of xxxxxxxxxx minutes detected".
Only then, Skynet will startup, which also takes a long time.
Is there a way to faster sync or even hard-set time somehow?
Also, which ntp server do you recommend? How do I know which ntp server is my router using, when I also set a secondary ntp server.

Im using Diversion, Skynet, connmon on my AX86S with latest Merlin firmware.
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Set it to use pool.ntp.org in the GUI.

Lots of things happen when the router reboots, NTP happens after a lot of other things since it needs WAN connectivity to be active. No you cannot hard set a time as there is no battery on the clock so it resets everytime the router reboots.
Yes, you can. Using this script can greatly shorten the NTP synchronization time when the router starts. In my case it shortened it from 2 minutes to 1 minute and 5 seconds.


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