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Few questions about Asus RT-AX88U pro

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Thank you for your replies Mr @ColinTaylor and Mr @glens , now it's all clear :)

I had a question before, didn't get an answer. Just to make sure. I upgraded the Asus firmware that I installed when I got my RT ( ) with a full reset factory before and after. Then I configured the router the way I need it on my LAN.
Now the firmware is :

I know you posted earlier in this thread :
Upgrading from a supplied stock firmware to the current version of stock firmware doesn't usually require a reset. This is a normal firmware update procedure. You would only do a reset if there was a significant jump in versions (e.g. from to or after installing a custom firmware. What firmware version were you previously on? It should be printed on the case label.

Just want to make sure that the upgrade I did doesn't require a reset :)

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