Firmware upgrade for WAP4410N-E, anyone able to share some image files ?


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Hoping someone on here can help. I have a WAP4410N-E with a 2.0.4.x firmware version and I'm looking to get hold of the image files for, or versions so that I can try to upgrade and resolve some problems.

Cisco ended support in 2019, so as far as I can tell there is no way to get firmware upgrade files officially now (even though I found some direct links they are all broken (just redirected to the end of support notice page)

I have done the usual google search but had no luck, softpedia has some but I believe they are not the versions for the European hardware (with -E suffix) for which the image file names/packages contain "etsi" I believe.

If anyone has one/some and can get in touch so as to be able to share/send it to me that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Looked at possibilities for OpenWRT, as they do take in orphans, but they don't support it... (small RAM/flash size, and buggy 802.11n-Draft chipset)

I would email Cisco's support team - they will have firmware for these legacy devices.

2014 called, they'd like their AP's back.

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