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New Around Here
have a server box that has been cobbled together

old on asrock mobo
lsi 3081e HBA controller
sff 8087 --> 4x sas drive breakout cable

installed RockStor and worked perfrectly

came across an old sas hot plug drive cage with backplane so in that went (dremel, drill, paint)

same rig except
sff 8087 (36pin) to 8087 (36pin) from controller card to backplane (much tidier)

booted up and worked a treat.

the problem - there's always a problem

the hp backplane doesn't support the SGPIO sideband signals - it only has an I2C plug on it
and the lsi HBA card doesn't have an I2C plug - upshot of it all - the leds in the drive cage flicker on powerup (backplane self-test obviously) but no other blinking during activity.

have purchased a usb to i2c breakout circuit board that has a Python toolkit for it

SOOOO - question is - does anyone know or have access to any doco on what the i2c command stream looks like from an HP Proliant 330 G6 server mobo to it's i2c SAS backplane?

if i had the command (byte stream) for this - i could code something up in python to allow integration into some current NAS platforms

i know it's a fairly eclectic and specific request but surely there's gotta be an HP engineer out there who knows or knows where the doco is.


Part of the Furniture
hack up an Rpi - lot's of GPIO and lines to work with there...

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