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FS - WRT1900acV2


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Offered up is a Linksys WRT1900acV2 - factory firmware (latest) - I was running it on DDWRT (Kong's fork) for a bit for testing - actually all use was testing, as I rolled this into production for about a week to check stability...

This is a late model v2 - it has the Armada-380 @ 1.6GHz, and yes, it can sustain 1GB on the WAN side in iperf3 testing with factory firmware

Full boxed kit, and I'll include a set of steak knives - the high-gain antenna set from Linksys - so your router can look like Odin's helmet...

$150 plus shipping - US preferred, as I don't need to deal with international customs forms...

Local pickup and delivery in San Diego, CA, US - I'll offer a decent discount here... and yes, I do accept Square for payments for credit cards/


Sample pic from the SNB main site with the steak knives... to be honest, it's a situational thing, but they do improve 2.4G a bit, 5G not so much...

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Ok, I'm trying to decide now what I want. Thanks.
Sounds good - might want to just consider sticking with the Rt-AC68U in your .sig - it's a good device....

Think AsusWRT is a challenge,nothing compared to the WRT1900 series... have to know what you're getting into, and there, it's a roller coaster that doesn't stop...


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I don't plan on getting rid of the ac68u. I'd like to have a backup one of a different chipset to play around with.

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