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Generate a client .ovpn file with Common Name?

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Can the built-in VPN server generate a client .ovpn file configured to include a client Common Name? Or do I need to use something like easy-rsa to generate client and server certificates and keys that incorporate a client Common Name? Or can Merlin's firmware do this? I've blown at least one full day of my time trying to figure this out, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ovpn file is a simple text file.
Router does put the IP, but I always edit it by myself before import it into the clients.
Yes, but the client certificate can be embedded into the client .ovpn file. The certificate authority routine built into the ASUS OpenVPN server to generate the client .ovpn file does embed the client certificate into the .ovpn file, and as best as I can tell, it appears to set the Common Name in the certificate to be "client". I would like to be able to change that.

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