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Glitch with changing WAN DNS settings on first login

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Noticed when I go in to change the DNS servers in the WAN settings, it will bring a browser popup message window stating that the router may need to be rebooted after I click on Apply at the bottom to save my changes. However, after clicking ok on the browser popup message, it will show the loading bar for applying settings for a brief moment before logging me out and the router not rebooting. After logging in again, the DNS settings appear to be unchanged so I go in to do it again and this time around, it does not show the browser prompt and will just go ahead and apply settings showing the loading bar as usual. On the 2nd attempt, the DNS settings finally change. Router never reboots which makes sense since I don't think would need to reboot a router to change the DNS server address. I was able to reproduce this glitch twice so I figured I report it.

Anyone else experience this?

This is happening to me on Merlin 3004.388.5 on RT-AX86U.
I'll post screenshots of the prompts the next time I see them.

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