GS-AX5400 VPN Fusion exception issue


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I have recently replaced my RT-AC86U with a GS-AX5400 running firmware

On the RT-AC86U I used the VPNClient option to protect all of the devices on my home network using a connection to NordVPN rather than relying on my ISP (Virgin Media).

The only problem with that scenario was an inability to use Internet apps via my Virgin V6 set top box while using the VPN.
I had to switch off the VPN to reestablish a connection to the Virgin network from the STB.

I purchased the GS-AX5400 in the belief that I could use a mix of 'Internet' and 'VPN' connections selected on a per device basis by defining exception lists.

The scenario I wish to create is for all devices on my home network to connect via NordVPN by default with the exception of the V6 STB which will connect directly into the Virgin Media network.
This does not work... the STB fails to establish a network connection when the VPN is set as default even though I have specified it to use 'Internet' in the exception list.

The only scenario I have 'successfully' configured is to use 'Internet' as the default and to include the devices that I must have protected by VPN as exceptions.

While this second scenario resolves the connection issue to the ISP and allows me to select the 'Apps' screen on the STB I feel that I am not getting full value from my NordVPN subscription as it is currently only protecting one device on my network which must have a VPN connection (and cannot configure a VPN client on the device).
It seems that all the other devices must remain unprotected unless I want to manually configure all of them as exceptions. (not a trivial task).

Is it possible to create the first scenario as described above or have I just encountered a limitation/bug of the firmware?

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