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GT-AX11000 VPN Director not working for me

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Hahahahaha then that's my mistake. Wow a reboot of my router maybe ? I have no clue what made it work !!!
Okey now you have some info to play with. You are on right track now.
No it's not working :-(

With this, all devices have access to the internat but my PC is not using the VPN !

All Clients192.168.1.1/24WAN
Finally I entered the opposite. Everybody use the VPN except these IP that use the WAN, And now I THINK everything works
Btw, it's impossible to change the order, the WAN is ALWAYS first.
Yes, as designed. See at the top of the VPN Director page, there's a link to the documentation explaining how priorities work.
Is it possible that the ovpn file that I'm using has bug ? It seems to work much better with a different ovpn file. I'm with PIA.

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