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GT-AX6000 2.5 Ghz WAN Red Light

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Michael James

Occasional Visitor
Hello All!
I have a GT AX6000 running the current non beta version of the firmware: Current Version :
About once a week or every 2 weeks, I get a red light on the 2.5 Ghz WAN on the front of the router. This weekend I was out of town on Friday night (EST time zone) around 6:41pm EST, I got a call from my security company to report a loss signal from the internet. I then tried to check my cameras from my phone and could not access them either.

When I got home Sunday, I looked at the router and there was a red light. All the other lights for the LAN were flickering as they normally do. so I tried unplugged and plugged back in the Verizon home internet 5G box... what I was trying to see is if the Verizon box was causing the issue and I gave it about 15 minutes for the Verizon box and the ASUS router to pair back up / sync.
never did, always go the red light. So I turned off the router and back on. Everything came back up. I then went into the router and saved a copy of the log for the router. I am attaching the Syslog if anyone can review.

What caused the disconnect? Why is the only solution to have to reboot the router (which if I am out of town causes big issues)?
Don't know what causes the WAN disconnections, but your log file contains too much personal information. ⚠️

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