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GT-AX6000 Discontinued?

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I purchased the GT-AX6000 router (actually, two of them) just earlier this year, and I stumbled upon an Asus "supportonly" page for this router while looking for a firmware update:

In my prior experience, the "supportonly" page appears (only) when Asus discontinues the product, and firmware updates/support become virtually non-existent. This is worrisome, as the routers were expensive... and no, there hasn't been a firmware update in many months, which doesn't seem promising.

Anyone know whether any of this is true?
No idea really. But Asus has the normal webpage still up:
And it's still being sold in the Asus US and UK stores.

On the EOL list it's still being shown as a "recommended" replacement for certain old models.
Anyone know whether any of this is true?
Not true.
Try this instead.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 212926.png
Well, that's more encouraging I suppose... but the firmware listed there still seems much older than I remember seeing with my (now obsolete) RT-AC68U.
It could be the GT-AX6000 EVA Edition. B&H and Amazon had a Black Friday special for $249 ($200 off). Then last night, it looks to be discontinued (the regular GT-AX6000 is still on sale). This is my guess. I did jump in to get the EVA edition for this deal. Something about this limited edition model of the venerable GT-AX6000 is appealing. I hope it works out.


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