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Hardware for WiFi mesh extension BT Smarthub 2

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David Cheshire

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I have a BT Smarthub 2 at the front of the house, which provides WiFi coverage to rooms on that side, and an ethernet cable to a second router configured as a WiFi access point (AP) to provide WiFI coverage at the back.

This gives good WiFi coverage but means that there are two separate WiFi networks with different SSIDs so I often need to disconnect and reconnect to connect to the nearest AP when moving around the house.

I could get a BT Disc to extend the WiFi coverage, but these seem expensive to rent or buy. For the best reliability and performance, I would particularly like to have a wired backhaul connection.

I saw an ASUS RP-AX56 extender for mesh WiFi which is said to work with any WiFi router and that I can connect it to the main BT router with an Ethernet backhaul cable. It appears that that would do the job, but is there a better solution at a reasonable cost?

[Edit: Having read a bit more I am not sure whether the ASUS RP-AX56 would actually form a mesh with the existing Smarthub 2 WiFi. If anyone can clarify this I would be grateful.]

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
You could consider the BT Whole Home WiFi or other mesh systems that support a wired backhaul connection. Another option could be to use a wireless bridge kit to extend the wired connection from your second router to a new access point at the back of the house.
Our Ueevii dual-band wireless bridge kit, for example, is designed to extend your network wirelessly and can support distances up to 5km. It's also easy to set up and can be used with any WiFi router, making it a versatile solution. Plus, since it doesn't require any additional wiring, it could be a more cost-effective solution compared to running an Ethernet backhaul cable.

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