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New Around Here network
In DHCP settings, ip range, it won't accept as beginning of ip range.
Says ip is invalid. I have tried a factory reset, but this still happens.


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You realize that a /16 network is 65,536 potential hosts! Also, the proper CIDR notion for that network is While should be valid within that range, I assuming it's complaining because your network notation is invalid.


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The current range is to Even when I don't alter those and just want to turn on manual ip addressing it says that is not valid. Yes I know the cidr notation is that the like that, I forgot.


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Router model? Firmware version?

Jeffrey Young

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Following along as I had a similar issue with a AC86U. Few software revisions back now, but found it odd at the time.

For myself, I wanted to choose a network that was not too common to avoid conflicts when using VPN, so I tried setting the router for, but the router stated that the IP address was not valid. In fact, the router refused to accept anything above 200. Was kind of dumbfounded at the time.

Hoping to see an explanation.


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I have had my settings work before, it was only after a factory reset a few revisions ago that this issue started.


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I tried using, the default ip range for dhcp isn't even considered valid. is not valid it says. Tried, says not valid.
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