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  1. L

    Input LAG in game with the RT-AX86S

    Hello everyone, I'm asking for your help in understanding the problem I'm having with my RT-ax86s. I use this router mainly to play online games on my PS5. Since getting this router, I've been experiencing latency. For example, in fps type shooting games, I have a lack of fluidity making the...
  2. B

    Two Asus RT-AC68U routers with Merlin software, connected via VPN - dhcp problem.

    Hello I have a small problem with connecting two routers via VPN. One of them is located at my house and the other at a friend's house. We both have a fiber connection with a public ip. The colleague rents his house to other people and for security purposes he has surveillance installed there...
  3. mutlucan

    DHCP hostname assignment does not work

    I want to use host names instead of IP addresses. From what I learned about this, I configured like these: I access to router's UI using "router.local" just fine. I assigned "" with "pihole.local" but it does not work. Not sure if it is related but Pihole is a docker container...
  4. I

    Backup and Restore. Migration from RT-AC68U to RT-AX88U Pro

    Hello! I am upgrading my RT-AC68U router to RT-AX88U Pro. Merlin 388.2.2. Saved settings on RT-AC68U and restored on RT-AX88U Pro. Lost: 1. Login and password for Internet access. 2. Routing for the OpenVPN (Allowed Clients -> Common Name(CN), Subnet, Mask). 3. MAC filter list. 4. Manually...
  5. D

    Disable Separate IP Addressing For Guest Wi-Fi Using Merlin 386.11

    I have an Asus RT-AC86U with Merlin 386.11. I noticed that each guest Wi-Fi network has its own DHCP subnet. How I can disable it, so they continue to get IP addresses from my main DHCP pool?
  6. I

    Refresh Assigned IP around the DHCP list

    "/Advanced_DHCP_Content.asp", Menu "Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list (Max Limit : 64)" What command can be used to display a list of assigned DHCP in the terminal? From the Home Assistant smart home, I control the availability of devices. In my network there are two ASUS RT-AX68U (fw...
  7. RocketJSquirrel

    I have 3 DHCP ranges instead of 1

    I just noticed this in my syslog for the first time ever. I only set up 1 DHCP range, but the log is showing 3. I did add a new WiFi DHCP node today. The 3rd range below is my "real" one. Is this normal or did I mess something up?
  8. GHammer

    LAN IPv6 DNS Entry

    Can you have 2 (or more) entries on the LAN-DHCP Server-IPv6 DNS Server box? If so, how to enter them? With ; or , or just a space between?
  9. Beth

    Solved Stumped - Forum newbie with RTAX86U

    I have been using a RT-AX86U successfully in dual WAN mode with Charter Spectrum and TMobile home internet for over a year. Last Saturday, 11/26/22, I pulled out the TMobile router to test at my brother's. Last Sunday, 11/27/22, I turned off dual WAN mode, the RT-AX86U rebooted, and the Charter...
  10. I

    LAN IPv6 addresses didn't update after upstream update.

    Upstream router address is updated every 3 days by ISP. After that, native mode WAN is successfully configured by SLAAC, but the Asus router didn't send a new DHCP-PD request. Upstream router's RA server M and O options are set. Need a 'service restart_"wan_if 0"' to fix it.
  11. C

    How to set up DSL-AC68U without its DHCP server running?

    I have a DSL-AC68U which I want to configure (initially at least) without its DHCP server running but there seems to be no way to set the default gateway and the DNS server to use. I've set them in the DHCP Server settings but since the DHCP server isn't running I don't think the settings are...
  12. A

    Serve clients connected to AP from AP's DHCP server

    Hello. I have an Asus router and an AP connected to it. (AP gets IP from router's DHCP. Both are on the same subnet ''.) I'd like to serve clients connected to the AP from AP's DHCP server instead of the router's. How can I do it? I can config DHCP range ' -...
  13. A

    Possible to disable DHCP on Netgear AC2200 EX7300 Extender?

    So I have a slightly odd set-up. I rent and it's not possible to trail an ethernet cable from my main router, ASUS RT series, so I have my Netgear extender (in Extender mode) set up to pick up my Wifi from the router then I have that hardwired to my PC. This works really well for me as it is a...
  14. I

    Looking for some detailed info on the "Use DHCP Routes" setting

    Hey all, I'm bringing another question here, because I haven't been able to find any detailed info. What does the Use DHCP routes setting do under LAN / IPTV? By default it's set to Microsoft, but I don't think I'm using the setting, so, should I set it to disabled? Also, does it control the...
  15. I

    Current Spectrum recommended settings regarding DHCP

    Hey guys, I recently did a hard reset of my AX-86U to give myself a fresh start on the latest firmware. I did all my normal changes and everything is setup and working. However, I noticed the default for the WAN DHCP is Aggressive mode. Doing some searches of older threads (some as new as...
  16. I

    quick question about DHCP reservations

    Hey guys, Just a quick question about adding DHCP reservations to ASusWRT. Does it require clicking the apply button to save reservations? I've had routers on both sides of the fence where the DHCP reservation was saved when created, and that's it. Then on the other side, some required you to...
  17. N

    GT-AX6000: LAN 2 running as a DMZ port?

    Hello! Weird issue (for me, anyways): regardless of what I plug into it, LAN 2 on a new GT-AX6000 forwards DHCP to my ISP, and the device gets an IP address outside of my network. Just that one port! Everything else works great, and I'd rather try to fix it before I return the router altogether...
  18. M

    DHCP leases and connected clients

    Sometimes I check how many leases DHCP has issued using this command. cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases | wc -l That doesn't really tell me if those clients are connected or not. So, to check how many connected clients I have, I try this: arp -a | awk '$4!="<incomplete>"' | wc -l The thing is...
  19. G

    conflict with dnsmasq and manually assigned IPs using the DHCP server?

    I started out with a several questions. In writing this post, I answered a couple of them myself. The remaining question is; Am I creating an IP conflict by having the same IP in both configurations: dnsmasq.conf.add and DHCP servers tab? I have about a dozen manually assigned IPs using the...
  20. adri

    YazFi YazFi - Devices getting wrong IP address

    Hi, first time poster here. First, thank you to the creators of Merlin and YazFi - they work great for my needs. I have an RT-AX86U running Merlin 386.5_2 with YazFi 4.4.2, and I have 3 guest network SSIDs set up with YazFi, using 5 subnets (YazFi.conf attached). First there's spider_guest - for...