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  1. M

    Random clients cannot connect to network - DHCP cannot be contacted

    RT-AX88U running in AP mode with a RT-AC68U as an AiMesh Node. DHCP and DNS are running over two Windows 2019 Servers with load balancing. The AX88U is plugged directly in to a Netgate Firewall running pfSense. The AC68U is hard wired to the AX88U for its backhaul for the AiMesh network...
  2. macster2075

    Solved Double NAT fix?

    Very noob question and I know the common answer is... "you can, but make sure to have them on different subnets". What I am trying to accomplish is to remove double NAT. My ISP modem/router does not have the same features or options as my Asus router, therefore I want to use the Asus, but stay...
  3. N

    Unknown "static" IP address in Network Map client list

    The client list showed an unknown and unexpected client was connected to the internet via my RT-AC66U B1 operating in router mode. The connection had been made via a wireless AP, wired to one of the LAN ports on RT-AC66U B1 router. The client had an address in the DHCP automatically assigned...
  4. Thw0rted

    AiMesh nodes always use DHCP?

    I have three RT-AX92Us configured as mesh in AP mode. The primary is set to a static LAN IP, but as far as I can tell there's no way to assign static IPs to the nodes. It's been mostly stable, but I've had a few weird outages lately where devices will be able to connect to one node but not...
  5. brentil

    RT-AC86u upgrade to re-IPd my Guest Networks

    I have a RT-AC86u on stock Asus firmware just the single router, no mesh. I have several "Guest Networks" setup for things like IoT devices and actual guests which all of those have Access Intranet = Disabled for isolation. Every device on my network has a DHCP static lease so that every item...
  6. ArthurSalim

    Second Router wont assign IP adress

    I have been told by a reddit user at r/HomeNetworking to post my question here, and I have since googled a bit around the forum and haven't found anyone with similar problem soo I am creating a new Thread in hopes someone can help me. Soo I have been having quite a headache with the TP Link...
  7. T

    Create dhcp client interface on Asus router.

    Hi all, I’ve got asus3200 and trying to setup a vlan listening on dhcp, so it can get address from the box connected to it. How do I do that? I mean I created the vlan, i just don’t how to make it listen on dhcp? I know there is udhcpc for wan interface eth0, is it the way to go? Teymur
  8. metz

    Strange DHCP Issue

    Hi All, First post on here, I have a really odd DHCP issue. Windows Devices are able to obtain an IP Address and work without issue, however iOS and Andrioid just get a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx IP! If I set the IP manually on a mobile device it works for a while but then cuts out (WiFi shows as...
  9. J

    Devices with manually assigned LAN IP addresses receiving different addresses by DHCP, "multiple clients connected through this device"

    I have a GT-AX11000 with latest stock firmware (but from similar threads I think this affects other Asus routers as well). My iPhone has an IP address manually assigned in the router's LAN-DHCP Server page, but it has lately being assigned a different IP address, by DHCP, although the MAC...
  10. amplatfus

    Huawei USB 3G dongle on AC88U = online vs. on AX88U = offline because of DHCP

    Dear community, I tried to solve this issue from some time. What is happening. I am trying to use a Huawei USB 3G to connect to the interent, but anything I have tried I got same error only on AX88U: Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly. On AC88U tha connection is working without any...
  11. P

    Help with Windows 10 Network Setup

    This is my first post on this forum, i hope I get it right: Im building the following network but having problems with communications between some of these items . All of this take place inside Windows 10 enviroment, ie i would like the PCs to appear visible in the windows network same as the...
  12. M

    DHCP assigned IP issue with Blue Cave as AiMesh router

    I just got a Blue Cave to replace an RT-AC68U as main router in a 3x RT-AC68U AiMesh. Then I'm seeing issue in getting manually assigned IP from DHCP: 1. if the devices are connected to the Blue Cave (main), they get the assigned IP 2. if the devices are connected to the other nodes, they get...
  13. J

    DHCP Server: Manual or Auto?

    I apologize if this has been answered, but I have read conflicting posts about this. Is there an advantage to manually entering local IP addresses for clients, other than preventing it from changing? Is there a disadvantage to this approach, i.e. does it make the router work harder? I have...
  14. D

    Constant disconnects (Wifi) and unable to delete manually assigned IP's 384.16

    Hi All, I have constant disconnects on my wifi. I have 3x 86U's. 2 wired as AImesh. I've disabled the 5G, did all the beam disabling etc. Read everything I could find. Moved the routers etc, factory reset and so on. Log gives me a couple of errors consistant: kernel: jffs2: Argh. No free...
  15. R

    USB Modem connection with RT-AC3100 (Galaxy Note8)

    I'm trying to setup my Samsung Galaxy Note8 using the USB modem connection. When I connect the phone and set it to USB tethering it will recognize the device is connected, but it will never assign an IP. The first three lines of the log below show when I connected the phone, and when I...
  16. zalves

    2 ISP routers 1 Switch

    Hi! I would like to connect two routers to my switch. They are both cheap routers that I can manage from my ISP, my switch is a Cisco SG350X-48P. One of the routers has the main internet line for all computers in the office, the other one has a secondary internet and where the voip telephones...
  17. E

    DHCP Client list doesnt show up from WDS Bridged router.

    Hi, I am trying to understand client list feature. I have ASUS 66U B1 Router. And it works fine, I added another router to extend range using WDS feature [TP Link Router], WDS router has DHCP disabled. Clients connected to ASUS are shown clearly in their client list. But Client connected...
  18. GHammer

    384.13 Static Address DHCP- Failed To Write File

    I added a device today and this entry appeared in the log. Sep 3 08:43:47 dnsmasq-dhcp[25362]: failed to write /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases: No space left on device (retry in 12s) NVRAM usage 65718 / 131072 bytes JFFS 2.46 / 48.00 MB This is the 19th device assigned a static IP.
  19. E

    DNS server configuration under ipv6-dhcp is not working

    I have my own DNS server located at, I want to use that one as the only one, also I want to use ipv6 as well. Here is DNS config under client, it is assigned by DHCP server running on my RT-AX88U (Merlin firmware of course). DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . ...
  20. DanielCoffey

    DHCP advice needed for 4G modem to own router

    I am a bit out of my depth setting up my 4G modem to integrate with my wireless router and would really appreciate some advice. The equipment I am replacing is the usual FTTC modem in bridge mode through to my ASUS AC86U which then goes on to my (non-PoE) 16-port switch. I now want to use an...