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Hi everyone,

I have an Asus/Merlin custom script applied to my Asus router that was made for the requirements of my ISP, it worked with limitations at the time, and now it doesn't work anymore.

I have experience in configuring enterprise routers (either Cisco or Huawei) and i know a configuration that works on those type of routers but i have no experience to know how to do it on Merlin or Linux.

My ISP has 3 Service VLAN's on the ONT that can connect to the ASUS WAN port.

VLAN100 for Internet.
VLAN101 for Voip.
VLAN105 for IPTV.

The current script bridges the all the VLAN's on the ASUS Ethernet4 so i can connect the ISP's own router to it, and since the ISP stopped allowing two DHCP leases on the internet VLAN (VLAN100) the ISP's router and the ASUS compete for it.

Regarding IPTV, the current script apears to create a second routing context and the IPTV Set Top Boxes and has it running on the ASUS Ethernet3 , and only has routing to the IPTV services (delivered on VLAN105), and no internet access.

I would like to have the ASUS router running the VLAN100 and VLAN105 on the same routing context, receive routes trough DHCP on each VLAN and install them on the routing table, and also run NAT (overload / ip masquerade / NAT hide) on the respective interface, IE, if the packet is destined to an IPTV route, it is hiden on the VLAN105 IP, if a packed is destined to an unknown route, it is hiden on the VLAN100 IP (public IP).

I would like to have the option to either bridge the VOIP VLAN ( VLAN101 ) to the ASUS Ethernet4 (but filter the others) so i can connect the operators ISP to it OR to have it running like VLAN105 , IE installing the routes it receives trough DHCP and if a packet is destined to a VOIP route it is hiden on the VLAN101 IP.

Is this hard to do? I can access the ASUS trough SSH, i just don't know what to do or how to do it on Merlin/Linux.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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