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Help needed, wifi 2.4 is slowing down, and eventually all clients drop

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The 'nuclear reset' also states:

Now, for all your specific customizations, I would proceed slowly and methodically. Making only one change/addition at a time and testing fully and for an extended period to verify that this specific customization didn't break anything or make the router otherwise unstable. Don't forget to do a GUI initiated Reboot and test fully again with each change.

Nuclear Reset https://www.snbforums.com/threads/major-issues-w-rt-ac86u.56342/page-4#post-495710
It's a setting that's causing the issue, a nuclear reset won't help

Are your nodes wired? If they are, switch them temporary to AP mode. If the issue is gone, then AiMesh is bugging something. If the issue persists, disable 2.4GHz on one AP and test for some time. Do the same with the second AP and test again. This will isolate eventual bad 2.4GHz radio. Failing 2.4GHz radio is one of AC86U known issues. Your settings are good.
This was happening to me on my AC5300 after upgrading to the 386 line. I had to not set up any Guest Network 1 options (only using 2 and 3). Weird but it fixed it for me.
for some reason, its now stable since i started this thread
things i changed:
- full reboot the ac88u
- mode back to legacy + n
- 40 mhz only
- fixed 11 channel

maybe the reboot just fixed it
From a voyer perspective, it appears you all have done dirty upgrades and not yet reset. Unclear where @128bit is at.
FWIW, I installed a set of CT8s and 2.4 was lousy, before and after upgrading. Full reset of both devices fixed it.
See this link, for all kinds of good stuff and a nuclear reset option.
Merlin also has a great guide that covers this and his suggested config, but I can not put my hands on it ATM. It's in another thread.
Please also see the first FAQ under General Options about Wireless
as i dug more, the bigger problem seems to be with the 2.4 guest nodes. did the full hw button reset a few times before finally getting it right. i have one lacrosse tech device that will only connect on the non-guest band. weird.
overall, i really like the features of wrt but on occasion a 5g tv may struggle with maintaining speed (200 mb isp).
my responses may be a bit latent due to eye surgery. i will have to lay back for a few weeks but am recovering.

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