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Hitron CODA56 modem LAN IP address?

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I am considering updating my old cable modem to a new Hitron CODA56 to obtain better upstream speed.

I cannot find out what LAN IP address the CODA56 uses. I have looked through all its documentation and it just isn't there. I'd like to know it in order to ensure it doesn't conflict with anything on my existing LAN.

Does anyone out there have a CODA56 and can tell me its LAN IP address? Thanks.
Thanks. So it's Comcast's firmware that prevents an http(s) connection? That's annoying. But I suppose if it just works, there's little need to see its innards.
Does the CODA56 at least respond to ping so you can tell it's alive?
That i am not sure of. Some people have found ways to actually make the modem stat pages work. You can read about here.

That's interesting - so they only allow access to the Modem's WebUI from

I suppose that is one way to keep the UI semi-secure for cross-site HTML/XSS attacks...

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