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Home network design advice

Discussion in 'Other LAN and WAN' started by aps, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. aps

    aps New Around Here

    Dec 29, 2017
    I’m not sure if this is the correct forum so, mods, please move if needed. My situation is that we about to get the NBN FTTN / VDSL2+ via iiNet and I’m thinking that this might be the point at which to upgrade the home network infrastructure. So I was hoping to get some general advice on a couple of options
    • Situation:
      • An ADSL2+ (soon to be VDSL2+) connection in the study at the front of the house - this is managed via an old Billion modem feeding RT-AC86U working as router.
      • LAN cabling to other rooms with switches feeding multiple devices; e.g., port in the lounge room feeds a switch to which there are 8 connected devices; e.g., ATV
      • Wi-Fi is via the RT-AC86U along with an access point in the lounge fed via LAN - this additional network is required a double-brick makes it difficult for Wi-Fi.
      • NAS used for local media storage and streaming to HPTC with backup to Cloud.
      • About 30 devices on the network - combination of computers (for work), media devices, smartphones / tablets and increasing number of IoT devices (via Wi-Fi) - considering adding security camera
    • Problems
      • Initial problem is that I need a modem or modem-router that supports VDSL2+.
      • Wi-Fi is problematic when moving between networks at front and back of house.
      • Increasingly concerned about security given IoT devices and visitors / kid friends
      • Concerned performance will become an issue with media back-up to cloud and streaming ...
    • Thoughts : Basic thought is that I should be starting to run a single network across the entire house as well as leverage VLAN set-up to segment the difference devices. None of this is rocket science but it looks as the options are:
      • Purchase a cheap modem that supports VDSL2+ and use network unchanged
      • Purchase a RT-AC88U as a modem-router and use AC86U in AiMesh network
      • Migrate to Ubiquiti Unifi set-up (have unused access points + USG + key at work)
    I’m kind of tempted to jump down the Ubiquiti route given the head-start but the “hub-and-spoke” LAN model would mean that I’ve got to purchase a couple of expensive switches in order to take full advantage of the single pane of glass. Not sure, also, if it’s just simpler to pursue an Asus eco-system as it appears as if the AiMesh will solve the Wi-Fi network issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Greg72

    Greg72 Regular Contributor

    Sep 24, 2019
    Central Illinois
    First off, what speed are you getting from your ISP? As for the Hand off between various access points, you may have too large of a gap between handoff points. Engenius is a decent brand that gets overlooked. Make it easier not harder when designing your network.

    As for IoT security; the majority of problems is the devices sharing what they are doing (Amazon was busted for how many times people ring the ring doorbell and the video sharing to police), Google has been busted also for sharing telemetry from devices. IOT security and network security are only as good as the person setting up and managing those devices. You share more info from the apps on your cellphone and what you are watching on tv through your DVR, TiVo, Satellite or Cable box than what is coming from your lights switch that you are flipping between 1 and 0 on your managed home system.