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How about adding the "confused" icon for a post.

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OK, I admit this is probably a silly suggestion. I doubt most posters ... even the forum owners ... care a whole heck of a lot about whatever icon is associated with a post. I probably wouldn't care either except for this insane streak of OCD in me. :eek:

That said, I've never understood why there is one set of icons for use inside a post and another different one for marking the post itself.

In particular, since the most frequent reason I tend to post is because I don't understand what the heck is going on, I would like to label a post with the "confused" icon :confused:

Oh, well. I expect all this is more or less hard coded into some sort of "forum package" and that even the ostensible owners of the forum have little to no options in how this aspect of the forum works ... even if they agreed it was worth wasting any time fiddling with ...

I just thought I'd ask ...

-irrational ... sometimes more so than others ... john

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