How to change listeningport of the GUI via SSH


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Hi, I've installed an Asus AC-RT88U at a friend's place al long time ago. My modus operandi when installing routers is to change the standard GUI port for an extra layer of protection. In this case, my friend hasn't noted the portnummer and cannot get into the GUI anymore. A portscanner doesn't reveal a logical open port. I think (hope) that SSH is configured and activated, but I do not know the command to read (or change) the portnumber of the GUI. Can someone help me out here?
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nvram get http_lanport
nvram get https_lanport


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There is always the "reset and reconfigure" option :)

If nobody has accessed it so long that nobody knows the ports, you may want to show your friend how to update the firmware. Not much point in changing ports for protection and not applying patches for known vulnerabilities :)


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Hi, an update on this thread > seemed SSH was not enabled so couldn't get it working. Full reset to factory defaults was the only option. Firmware updated and soon it was working again like a charm. Thanks for your support!

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