How to change wired SSID

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I recently updated my AC68U to Merlin 386.1 beta4. When I did this I changed all my wireless SSID names. However, the wired connection stayed the same as before the upgrade and I cannot find where I am able to change it.


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Sorry, I don't understand. An SSID is the name of a WiFi access point. A wired Ethernet connection doesn't have an SSID.


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Do you mean the routers domain name for LAN clients?

Jeffrey Young

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What @dave14305 said.

This might help too;

My computer has been on a wired connection now for 6 months with the wifi turned off. Still says I am connected to YoungPO 2.

Got to love Windows


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My laptop is plugged into one of the LAN ports. If I unplug this, it connects to the wifi network that I set up in Merlin. If I click on the internet icon in the system tray, it shows the SSID of the network I am connected to. If I am using wifi, the SSID that shows is "NewWifi". If I connect to the LAN port, it shows "MYSystem". The old wired SSID (MYSystem) does not show anywhere in Merlin so that I can change it.


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Go Into network and internet settings. Then to change adapter options. Right click on your eithernet adapter and rename it to what ever you want.

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