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How to interconnect wireless routers

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New Around Here
I read the article on keeping your G router and hooking it up in conjunction with a new N router. My question is how do you do that? I assume you need a cross-over cable and you must make sure they are not assigning the same IP addresses. Can anyone point me to step by stewp instructions.

You basically just turn one of the two wireless routers into an access point. To do this, just disable DHCP on it and give it a different address than the other one.

Hi Scotty,

Thanks for the quick response. Just to be sure I do need a cross-over cable between the two?

Thanks again

A thousand thanks, based on those two articles I think I can probably create and install an access point. :D

Maybe even make use of my WRT310N brick - 2 units have failed on me and I still have one.

I would like to use the same SSID - since I'm just trying to master a lower signal area from the DIR 825 for a resident WII. However, since it works I wouldn't bother to buy an AP - but a "project" is a different matter!

Now I know that as long as I watch for the "sticky issue" I can have the same SSID although maybe as you say a different SSID will have benefits - I did use a different SSID for 2.4 vs 5 GHZ.

Thanks - again.

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