Diversion How to know which blocklist is compatible with diversion

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I'll probably start using diversion soon as i am planning to use merlin builds. But before I install it, I am trying to figure out few things.

1. Seems like blocklist needs to be in certain format to work with Diversion. How would I know which blocklist are compatible?
2. I didn't see this info in website, but read it somewhere that it uses StevenBlack list. Is it correct?
3. Also read in the website that I can have at most two blocking list active at a time.. Not that I am planning on using more, but just wanted to know the limitation.
4. Say if I run into issue in which a site fails to load because it is being falsely flagged in block list, what will be the easiest way to see to troubleshoot this. Pihole provides a decent UI for seeing the logs and it also highlights the blocked domain in red. Wondering if over time someone came up with cleaver trick instead of grepping through the logs.
5. If I update the firmware, do I need to do anything special or it just works?


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