I need your advice with my XT8 Mesh


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We have a 3 unit XT8 mesh setup (wireless backhaul) which used to work very well. About a month ago I noticed connection problem with some devices (echo 4 etc), checked the nodes and found both are flashing blue and red every 5 minutes. Searching for a solution I found this forum, and after a lot of effort I was able to stabilize things a little by flashing very old 26044 firmware.
I have an option to return those for a full refund, but when I read the reviews of similar wifi 6 mesh tri-band alternatives like deco X90 / RBK XXX, I see many owners are facing similar issues with bad firmware.
If there is no stable alternative, what would I get from returning these? Our house is 3 story with basement, around 3500sf, and we want the best coverage around the house and garden.
Please share your thoughts. Thanks!


New Around Here
I have 4 pieces XT8 in 3 stories WiFi backhaul, and I am using the latest firmware without any issues, this is super stable solution. I am even upgrading firmware without any resets, and it works correctly (even with weak connection backhaul nodes). I am impressed with this solution performance (which should be good because it is very expensive).

I just only once did WPS hard reset in all 4 pieces when something stopped working, so my advice is to upgrade firmware and make WPS hard reset to clean up.

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