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Improve file transfer speeds between my PC (used as a hotspot) with other devices ? Do I need a 2nd router between PC and main router ?

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I have a PC connected via Ethernet to my MAIN router Archer C2600 on openwrt (it has End of Life) (with 3 walls and distance of 20 meters+ between MAIN router and PC)

PC motherboard supports onboard wifi hotspot features, so I use PC as a router/hotspot to connect my Tv/smartphones/laptops to connect to WIFI without long distance and breaking internet speeds to MAIN router)

My motherboard:

1 x Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet

Wireless & Bluetooth
Intel® Wi-Fi 6
2x2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax)
Supports 2.4/5GHz frequency band
Bluetooth v5.2*
*Bluetooth v5.2 function will be ready in Windows 11 or later

When trying to copy lot of data from PC to laptop and vice-versa, using Windows Network sharing, i am getting a maximum of 14 mbps TRANSFER rate, which is not feasible to transfer 100 GBs of data every week. (Using Windows 10 on PC AND USING Connectify as hotspot software)

Can someone guide what could be wrong here or help fix ?
If I need a new router, please suggest something around 6000 Rupees from www.amazon.in

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Here's is another screenshot between my mobile and PC (working as a router/Hotspot on windows 10 OS via Connectify software.

Note the connection speed, my internet on main router is faster then this.

It is connected on 2.4 ghz band, add tv only supports this.
Connectify software can only work on one band at a time.


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Another screenshot when mobile connected to PC on 5 GHz band, only 3x speed difference.


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Another screenshot when mobile connected to PC on 5 GHz band, only 3x speed difference.

You're attempting to use your wifi (2.4ghz wifi at that) for both client and AP/server at the same time. You're just asking too much of your PC's wifi card. Your router should be your wifi AP, not your PC.

You're showing a 433 link rate, which is good for around 300mbit or 37.5 MBYTE per sec. But when using the PC's nic in that way you're cutting that in half, so MAX is going to be about 18 MBYTE/sec transfer rate.
Hi @drinkingbird
Finally decided among this 2 routers (will order those in sometime, will receive tomorrow morning) Both have exact same price:

**TP-Link Archer AX73 AX5400**


**MERCUSYS Mr90X Ax6000**

TP link has 1 additional lan port and usb drive, rest of specs are almost similar..
Mercury look wise is awesome, some pics and link attached
Just not completely sure, which is better in terms of software/features etc.
Will replace my Main Room Router with the new one, and old one will be placed in MYroom.
Pictures of both attached.


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