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Installing AX210 card in laptop Mini PCI-E

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My Asus Q550LF, Win 10 laptop has a mini PCI-E slot that presently runs a 7260HMW AN wiri/Bluetooth card. I am going to upgrade to AX210. There are 2 ways to do it. 1.) An adaper card to convert the mini pci slot to use the Intel AX210 card. 2.) a Chinese Mini PCI-E card that has AX210 SOC. I tried to pre load the latest Inte 22.200.0 drivers. They said the "software package cannot be intalled on your system". Which install method should I choose? Do you think that after the AX210 is installed, Windows 10 will let me load the correct driver?
Intel has an ax210hmw IIRC. As long as you have the drivers downloaded just install the card and it should have basic functionality and then upgrade the drivers with your download.

I wouldn't worry about the names on listings if it shows the correct model on the card itself.
Not too long ago I replaced the internal wireless card in my HP Elitebook 840 as well as a Dell XPS 13 with a AX210 NGW purchased from amazon. One recognized it and drivers were there, other machine did not recognize it so I d/l drivers from Intel's site, rebooted and all was well.
So far, so good and working great for about 2 months now. at ~$30/ea that's not bad a all, imo.

As a side note, The XPS machine occasionally goes into airplane mode when it goes to sleep and I manually disable that mode when I go to use it. I'll eventually look to see why but has not been a priority.
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