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Intermittent Network Drop on one MOCA adapter

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Hello all, I recently redid my network setup and added Netgear GS308E switches along with a VNOPN PfSense appliance. Everything was running smooth up till few weeks ago, when I started experiencing problem. The network drop issue is on only one MOCA adapter in my whole network. I initially thought the issue was with the Netgear switch, however, after a very prolonged network drop when I restarted the MM1025 MOCA the connection came back. Sometimes it becomes extremely unstable where network connection starts phasing in and out.

What I am looking for is any troubleshooting tips to narrow down the issue further, I am not well versed on how to read the PHY chart, however, I can supply that information. The lights on my MM1025 adapter seem to be operating as intended so I am guessing it is not a connection issue, but I may be wrong here.

Please see attached my network diagram, any help is much appreciated.


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