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Internet Dropping PPPoE - Need to reboot router to get back online

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I'm a bit confused at the negativity. The assumption that I'd pay anywhere near $700 for a router is... Wifi6 routers with 2.5Gbps functionality exist for sub $300CAD, which if you used for 5-6 years needed one as a replacement of older hardware could be an option. Regardless if an ARM can only run for example 50%; it still something to look for relative cost since these models usually have more cores/higher frequency and more ram than cheaper models without. A lot of PC motherboards this. As per the 10G, same concept. With the new standard underway and new ARM processors, even if, it is 20-40% of 10G it's still an interesting option. I was simply saying I'd like my router to last a number of years before I replace it. I don't use much additional features and my coverage is amazing. I digress. I'd really like to keep the conversation technical please :)

Here is what I'm trying now. Took my RT-AX88 out of the equation, put one of my nodes in path instead just to eliminate any type of hardware/software issue on it.
I'm a bit confused at the negativity.

You just haven't seen the difference between business class multi-AP Wi-Fi system and a bunch of home routers in whatever they call it "mesh" or between x86 CPU firewall performance and weaker than RPi home router... both with 2.5GbE ports. The difference is also in quality of both hardware and software, not in marketing numbers and promised features you may never get. There is an old post from a well known forum member here. Read it carefully and think twice before you decide to sign up for "latest technology" home router(s) beta tester. If you still believe in this "reusing old routers" AiMesh marketing sooner or later you'll end up in AiMess situation like this forum member here. This is a dead end strategy for you and a win for Asus.
I'm familiar with the above mentioned and do agree with you, BUT this is a household with 3 "mesh" devices that had surpassed my needs for the COST. With nothing that has changed in my environment, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue(this is why I posted). I'd like to stay away discussions businesses with 500+ mesh AP enterprise solutions or FW that has millions of connections performing DPI. Your first link, is something I know. WIFI 7 is far from IEEE adoption, even when it is approved it will be buggy or hardware gaps will exist. Throughout its life improvements will be made, that's what technology does(obviously some release devices beforehand, but this is not the title of the topic). My router is from 2019, should be far from beta. The experience with none-mesh was sub optional.

I don't want to get off topic from the issue, please.
You asked for Asus Wi-Fi 7 routers with intentions to upgrade. By the end of the year you'll see some coming.

Hopefully you find a solution to disconnection issues. There is at least few more years life in your AX88U router.
Trying to save you some money. Expensive business gear is perhaps not needed, but experimental home routers with features you may not be able to use for years are not needed either. About connection issue - I don't think your AX88U has a hardware issue. Perhaps Bell have changed something on the network? I do have Bell business lines and haven't heard about issues, but check what other people with similar setup say. Good luck.
I understand. This is to rule out my equipment. But I’m also wanting to out the Bell router back in place and have them check. Not sure if the router has RX TX diag on it or if an OTDR is required.
So an update. Using a RT-AC3100, my connection has been solid for 2 days. Was hoping that the experience was the same as the AX88, but this is not what is happening.
So looks like I had a connection drop, but the AC3100 was able to form connection again.

Apr 19 13:45:26 pppd[673]: Hangup (SIGHUP)
Apr 19 13:45:26 pppd[673]: Terminating on signal 15
Apr 19 13:45:26 pppd[673]: Connect time 4514.8 minutes.
Apr 19 13:45:26 pppd[673]: Sent 34234223 bytes, received 3423423423 bytes.
Apr 19 13:45:26 lldpd[635]: removal request for address of X.X.X.X%0044, but no knowledge of it
Apr 19 13:45:26 pppd[673]: Connection terminated.
Apr 19 13:45:26 pppd[673]: Sent PADT
Apr 19 13:45:27 pppd[673]: Terminating on signal 15
Apr 19 13:45:27 pppd[673]: Exit.
ISP switched out SFP and fibre to house everything was tested. Happened again after a few days of uptime. My main problem here is the RT-AC3100, re-establishes the connection automatically. Maybe it is something to do with 386 vs 388. But the AX88 does not. The AX88 also seems that have something happen to it when the connection drops...all wireless clients get disconnected and the router basically stops responding and takes 1-2 minutes to connect to the webpage.

See logs.

May 2 12:01:22 pppd[3733]: No response to 10 echo-requests
May 2 12:01:22 pppd[3733]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.
May 2 12:01:22 pppd[3733]: Connect time 12345 minutes.
May 2 12:01:22 pppd[3733]: Sent 12345 bytes, received 12345 bytes.
May 2 12:01:31 pppd[3733]: Connection terminated.
May 2 12:01:31 pppd[3733]: Sent PADT
May 2 12:01:31 pppd[3733]: Modem hangup
May 2 12:02:14 pppd[3733]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets

####################never tries connecting again###########################

Turn off WAN and back on

May 2 12:05:21 pppd[3733]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery
May 2 12:05:21 pppd[3733]: Hangup (SIGHUP
May 2 12:05:21 pppd[3733]: Terminating on signal 15
May 2 12:05:21 pppd[3733]: Exit.
May 2 12:05:38 pppd[5662]: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded.
May 2 12:05:38 pppd[5662]: RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.11 compiled against pppd 2.4.7
May 2 12:05:38 pppd[5664]: pppd 2.4.7 started by user, uid 0
May 2 12:07:04 pppd[5664]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets. <<<<<<<<<<<Only appears in logs when after WAN is disconnected
May 2 12:07:38 pppd[5664]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets<<<<<<<<<<<Only appears in logs when after WAN is disconnected
May 2 12:07:39 services: apply rules error(19227). <<<<<<<<<<<Only appears in logs when after WAN is disconnected
May 2 12:07:48 services: apply rules error(19227.). <<<<<<<<<<<Only appears in logs when after WAN is disconnected
0:49 kernel: CFG80211-ERROR) wl_cfg80211_change_station : WLC_SCB_AUTHORIZE sta_flags_mask not set <<<<<<<<<<<Only appears in logs when after WAN is disconnected

reboot router, connection is back instantly
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Were you able to solve this issue? I'm having the same issue (Asus RT-AX88U latest stock firmware, WAN random disconnect and WiFi clients cannot connect untill I restart the router and everything is back).
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Unfortunately no. Seems that 386 on my AC router code resets PPPoE when it goes down and 388 on AX does not reset. 386 comes back online
Any updates on this issue? I've been facing the exact same issue since upgrading to 388_1 in April. I'm on bell fibe, using the DMZ passthrough via the HH3000 method as well. Things have been rock solid for 2 years for me, and from my firmware upgrade history:
386_3, 386_3.2, and 386.4 were solid. Then upgrading to 388.1 the problem started. The issues persists through version 388.2, 388.2_2, and now with 388.4.
Welcome to the forums @nawow.

Your router is probably due for a full reset followed by a minimal and manual configuration (do not import any saved backup config files).

Take some notes of your settings (so you can copy/paste) or create PDF files of each router page you have changed past default. But do note that the settings/scripts and other workarounds you used in the past may no longer be applicable to the current firmware.
No issues with my Bell FTTH here. A few nights ago my ONT went down for about 15 mins during the night for maintenance, and my PPPoE reconnected just fine when the ONT came back.

The issue has been happening much less for me, not sure why. But I haven't changed anything in my setup.
@RMerlin, if you're able to read through some of my logs, I always had to reboot my router...PPPoE was disconnecting and never reconnecting. My devices would disconnect from wireless for while and couldn't get to it through a physical connecting for a bit after the issue would happen. It was very random, the provider came and replaced some fibre, the SFP and did some tests, etc but said everything was good. When I went on their modem the issue didn't seem to happen. The issue sometimes would happen multiple times per day, sometimes every few days.
If even wifi disconnects then your issue lies elsewhere and isn't related to PPPoE.
Maybe it somehow would cause a crash, because I couldn't connect via a physical connection until wifi was back. It happened likely about 40 times over a month or 2. Tried many full resets with manual reconfigurations. Even bought another router of the same model and it still happens. I've seen a few posts in here describing almost exactly the same issue as me.
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Well i have the same issue with my ax11000, 3 days i go i change the ont for other one, the same model and happen the same discconection again. So must be something in the new firmware 388.

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