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IPv4 over IPv6?

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No issues @heysoundude, but HE free certification is not helping in this case. This is not IPv4 vs IPv6 conversation.
I believe you to mistaken: The top post was an inquiry into which protocol would make for less gaming latency.
From where I sit, the OP probably needs to reevaluate their WAN/LAN interface and config, and weigh out the pros and cons of the possibilities as they pertain to them, their various use cases and implications if they are indeed seeing a (probably rounded up) 10ms ping difference. For that to be efficient/effective, getting as much knowledge and understanding about both protocols (in this case from some direct experience) is important for them to have a basis to do so, wouldn't we all agree? You wouldn't want them to rely on the word of internet forum experts like us, would you?
Trust, but verify. no?
Trust, but verify. no?

Yes, exactly. What is the theory helping when Asus had broken official firmware exposing IPv6 devices on Internet in specific configuration? It was like this for a month before they fixed it. This is the reality and can happen again to any home router with $50 hardware inside and $100 marketing around it. And you as a user with your HE free certificate will have no idea what is happening until someone hits you on WAN. What can really help is not HE certificate, but SNB Forums - your device, use case, configuration.

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