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IPV6 and OpenVPN on Asus Merlin on Asus GT-AXE11000

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Hello Forum,

I've been using my regular OpenVPN Server setup on my Asus Merlin GT-AXE11000 (latest Merlin) for quite some time now and it was working pretty well for acessing my LAN with my mobile (Android) devices as OpenVPN clients.

Just recently, I switched my mobile provider and as it seems, it uses primarily ipv6 adresses.

Since the switch, I can still connect my mobile devices to my OpenVPN Server on the GT-AXE11000 but there is no Internet access and also I can't access ipv4 servers in my local network.

IPv6 is disabled on the Asus.

I would like to know, if the IPV6 adress provided by the cellular provider on the mobile device is the cause and I would like to understand why this is preventing Open VPN connections on the Asus.

Of course, I would like to know, what I need to do to get the OpenVPN Setup working again.

Thanks for a kind explanation and help with the setup


PS: If you need more info, just let me know

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