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Is the ASUS AX6600 XT8 the right choice for me?

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Interesting option with MoCA option. This would allow me to go with a stronger Dual Band WiFi router and use the COAX for the backhaul and eliminate the worries of the 5GHz-2 or 6E connection. This potentially would buy time until WiFi 7.... I understand the point about experts and its very valid except we have talked about moving and don't want to invest in the current house.

So if I got COAX backhaul using the MoCA do you believe I can do better than the XT8 or AXE-7800? So budget is reasonable.... as long as it's packable and not investing in house. BTW... the feedback and direction from you and @tgl has been incredible. I've learned an extreme amount in last 3 days.....
If I'm reading the specs correctly I can dedicate a pair of MoCA to each gaming systems (I have 3) so that would be dedicated 6 MoCA. Then I don't have to worry about the kids in my overall scenario. That would mean I can focus my Wireless on IoT (using 2.4GHZ) and then my TVs which stream via Chromecast or Roku but that would be the main driver on the 5GHz band.

For backhaul I can keep the 5Ghz-2 setup I have or go with another set of MoCa devices for nodes.... Either case.... This achieves minimal cost in any housing upgrades, it hard wires the kids XBOX devices and as far as Roku and Chrome go... As long as I don't drop packets they seem to handle the existing 5G well.
MoCA connecting key locations of your house opens more possibilities. I never used MoCA adapters though. Wait for someone with more experience to recommend you specific brands and models. During that time inspect what coax cabled you have available so you can answer related questions.
MoCA backhaul should be far superior to wireless backhaul. However, I too have no personal experience with that. There's a MoCA subforum here though; suggest you go over there and ask for advice.

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