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isp connection type with RFC2684 Bridged (dynamic)

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Hello guys, i need help.
My ISP Fastweb in italy use this protocol (RFC 2684 Bridged ip and i can't find this modality in the wan page.
How can i set VPI 8 VCI 36.
Many thanks
How are we supposed to know as you haven't told us what router you have? :rolleyes:
sorry i have an asus rt ac68 u with the latest merlin and my isp does want this configuration:
  • VPI/VCI: 8/36
  • Protocollo: RFC 2684 bridged (dinamico)
  • Incapsulamento: LLC
  • DHCP client: abilitato
  • DHCP server: abilitato
  • NAT: abilitato
i don't find any rfc 2684 to enable
Protocollo: RFC 2684 bridged (dinamico)
That connection type is only used by modems AFAIK (e.g. ADSL). The RT-AC68U does not have a modem therefore it is not applicable. You need to enter those settings on your modem.

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