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I have a raspberry-pi working as a torrent box (with headless raspberry pi OS),
I installed nordvpn but the Killswitch might be not working. I catch it once with connection lost and still internet access, so now I don't fully trust it.

So I wonder if:
1) is there any other way to implement a Killswitch? Probably a script using <<nordvpn status>> ?

2) would it be sound if I block on my router (IAP modem, so not very rich in options) ports 60000 to 70000 (used by my torrent client) so it won't have access unless passing through the ports used by nordvpn ?

Disclaimer: I have an asus router on merlin, that works like a charm, but I'm moving out, slowly but surely, so I'll get the asuswrt eventually in the new place but for the time being I keep it in the old house as vpn server.

Thank you.

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