LED control - did I follow the correct procedure?

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I've had the led control script running on my RT-AX88U for a couple of days and everything has been functioning correctly (lights off at 10.00PM and back on at 6.00AM). However, yesterday I decided to move my router to the top of the stairs, so it was disconnected for several hours and when 10.00PM came around again, the led's stayed on. Even using the manual button on the bottom of the router (it's now wall-mounted in case you're wondering) would not turn off all the led's, so I turned them off manually from within amtm and setup the schedule again this morning with slightly different times. Everything seems to be working again now as the lights came back on at the new time of 7.30AM. My question is, should I have done anything different instead of just switching off the router, e.g., dismount the USB flash drive first or delete the original schedule?


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When you have a chance, always 'Safely' remove the USB drive from the router first. Then power it down.


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It does look good on the wall now though, especially by feeding the wiring from above.
Screenshot - 21_09_2020 , 17_53_53.jpg

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