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[LG N2B1] - [HOWTO] NAS update firmware and initialize HDDs using USB flash drive.

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New Around Here
This is a how-to guide on updating the firmware on a NAS using a USB flash drive.


I am not responsible for any damage or loss of data done to your NAS .

This Has been tested and is working on an N2B1 NAS but june work on others as well.

1) LG NAS with the new UBOOT boot loader (this will not work with the old UBOOT)
2) USB Flash drive
3) firmware you want to use.
4) netenc_nc1_10094.zip attachment: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zfp48p0avociwzm/netenc_nc1_10094.zip

1) Backup all data on your NAS and USB flash drive
2) format USB flash drive to the FAT32 file System. (if it is multi-partitioned, you need to use the very first partition. For example, sdb1 or sdc1)
3) Create a subdirectory on the flash drive for the model of your nas. For example the directory NC1 is used for a N2B1 NAS
4) Extract the zip and copy the netenc firmware image to the subfolder on the flash drive.
5) Rename the files (this is important)

uIlmage - uImage
initrd.gz - initrd
firmware**.bin - firmware.tar.gz

6) Eject the USB drive and plug it into the NAS
7) Reboot the NAS into NetBoot mode by holding down the two arrow buttons on the device When you press the power button.
8) Let the firmware and when to install the NAS reboots, Remove the USB drive. If after removing the USB drive the NAS hangs, just reboot it.
9) Thats IT!
Hi yandreev3.
Performing the steps, you have listet (formatting an USB Stick to F32-FileSystem, buikding the Folder NC1, coppying the Files and rename it like you said, copying the firmware to stick and rename that file, , after reebooting with USD-Stick to Netboot), the display of my LG-NAS (N2B1) changes from Netboot to "Check Bootloader" and stays there. I have been waiting for more than 60 minutes
Have i done something wrong?
Sry, i don't write in english as usual.
Hello! Sorry to resurrect this ANCIENT! Thread. But some poor soul looking to fix this NAS after trying to update the firmware from LG will land on this thread from a Google search (as I did).

To any traveller in the future who comes across this thread:

I had no luck with the above solution.

I was trying to update the Firmware from Version 2660 to the New UI Version 10094 and on to version 10124.


When I ran the updater on Windows 10 I found that I ran into an error. the LG NAS Detector (LGNASDetector.exe) said "Installation is fail"

The N2B1 showed "error [08]" and switched off. When I tried to turn it back on it showed "booting_fail!"


The Solution

After carefully watching the process and messing around with as many things as I could (forcing different firmware, using different swtich and router combinations etc) I realised that it's (probably) something to do with the tftp client being incompatible with Windows 10.

The easiest way to solve this (assuming you don't have a windows 7 machine laying around) is to spin up a virtual box with windows 7 running, (set the network to bridged on the virtual machine) and run the lg tool (NC1_NewUI_update_tool(10094)_eng) from there. With the device in Netboot mode (hold power button and the two arrows).

It worked first time for me and resurrected the box.


You probably used Windows 10 (or newer) and you need to run the firmware tool "NC1_NewUI_update_tool(10094)_eng" on Windows 7.
Does someone know how to get theNAS get into Enclosure Mode anymore. All I get is the Netboot mode and when I install the new UI update it all went good up until it boots. There comes Boot fail. Can I somehow install the 2660 anymore from the Detector?
I can't even get the firmware to upgrade from 2407 to 2660....

I have an N2R1, similar to the N2B1. How would I check what to name the subdirectory for the flashdrive?

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