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Linksys RVS4000 Gbit Setup ?

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New Around Here

i saw this review of the router,Linksys 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN (RVS4000), an thought that the performance is realy good. the performance problem shoud be fixed with an newer firmware.

now i bought this device and there is noch gigabit at the wan port, just an 100mbit port.

how can i set up, that i can use the gbit speed or much more than 100mbit ?
in the test ther is ~500mbit..

please help me ...
How did you reach the conclusion that the WAN port is 10/100 only? Cisco says it's gigabit.
i saw this info at the linksys page and in the shop, where i bought it.

okay, its an gbit, but i reach max 10mbyte / sec (~100mbit)...
i testet various firmware configurations.

atm i have the 1.2.11 firmware installt.
What speed are you referring to? WAN to LAN? How fast is your Internet connection?

We measured only around 15 Mbps downlink in our review. Also found that disabling the IPS function increases throughput.
i have an Gbit INternet connection.

i read the changlog of the newer firmware of the router and there where an performance issue in the firmware u used for the test.

the ips function is off.
You really have 1000 Mbps download speed from your ISP? Have you confirmed/measured it without the RVS4000?
i tested it without...
till today i used it without an router, but there i can use only one pc :D
Hello !

I have a RVS4000 with firmware 1..2.10 on a 100Mbs cable provider in France.
So the RVS4000 is itself behind the cable provider router, set un dmz mode on a static IP.

The Wan to Lan bandwith limitation we face with IPS and Firewall "on" is around 20-26 Mbs. It was around 15 Mbs before one of the last firmware update.

I love this router but this wan to lan limitation is really too much...
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