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Linksys SRW2008

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I did a fair amount of research (including reading SmallNetBuilder.com) when I was looking for a capable 8-port switch. In the end I settled on the SRW2008 because of its claimed support for iGMP snooping and 256 multicast groups as I have custom multicast requirements.

Let me be very clear: The SRW2008 does not support iGMP snooping!

Yes, there is an Enable Multicast option (which does nothing) and tech support was of little help - they actually suggested that each multicast MAC had to be manually configured before iGMP would function (that doesn't work either btw).

You can follow the saga and complaints on the Linksys Forums:

As other have said the web interface is IE only and requires resetting your IE settings and disabling security features to get it to work.

These area all firmware issues as far as I can tell - the actual switch hardware seems pretty fast and the vlan support is useful - beware tho even reflashign the firmware can be problematic - I ended up having to upload an IOS image via XModem over serial - what century is this?

Buyer beware - you should avoid this switch until the firmware issues are resolved. Current 1.0.2, 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 firmware is badly broken with respect to the web interface and multicast functionality.

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Looks like I've fixed it (kinda sorta) for me at least.

I found a perl script that forges iGMP query packets to make it look like there is an iGMP querier on the network: http://code.google.com/p/perl-igmp-querier/

When running the script (on Linux as root on a server attached to the switch) it appears that the SRW2008 stops flooding and dynamically filters multicast as you would expect with iGMP snooping.

Update: the iGMP snooping and multicast filtering works, but by default it seems to flood unless there is at least one port that has joined the group! Although this is apparently the correct behaviour this seems quite stupid and probably makes it useless for most people. There should definitely be an option to disable flooding somewhere.
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