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Load Balancing & Parental Controls

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I have just upgraded my broadband with an FTTP connection but the new service does not include DNS based content / parental controls (I have younger children). My existing FTTC connection has DNS based content and parental controls so I was thinking about load balancing traffic.

Can anyone recommend a router that does the following:

- Load Balance traffic across 2 internet connections
- Isolate traffic from specific devices (MAC or IP) to 1 specific internet connection

My idea is to isolate the kids phones and laptops to the connection that has DNS based content filtering configured.

I was looking at the TPLink TL-R480/TLR470 routers.

any thoughts, advice, suggestions would be appreciated.
Maybe not the correct way, (I am a complete layman) but I put all my kids on a separate network/SSID and isolated from my main network/intranet

Like bobslan24k(ids) and bobslan50k

"k" for kids.
24 for the 2.4G wifi radio
50 for the 5.0G wifi radio

Unfortunately you can't share common drives and and such with them in that configuration, but I wanted my main network isolated if they surfed to malware sites.

I have 'm' (bobslan24m)for my media devices, and 'g' for guests that I turn on/off as required.

I think I set up Parental Controls (adult) by kids' client in the router, and DNS (OpenDNSFamily) by client too. (I didn't want pop-up telling them I restricted them, I just wanted them blocked with no indication - OpenDNSFamily did that for me)

Also set up time scheduling (so they wont be surfing under their bed covers at 2 and 3 in the am.

My kids are older/college now so at least turned the time schedule off... ;)

I am just not smart enough to know any other way. Maybe VLAN?

Also set up bandwidth limits, either by QoS or limiting the whole selected kids SSIDs.

I have an 10+ year older ASUS, so the newer offerings may have additional options and capability.
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